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ChockRocks Hot Stone Therapy



Feel Relaxed.  Feel Healthy.  Feel Energized.

How It Works

Hot Stone Therapy is energy work that feels wonderful on the physical body. It relaxes, heals and energizes your body, mind, and spirit. The moist heat of the stones penetrates the tissues increasing blood flow and circulation. The movement of the hot stones increases lymph flow to boost the immune system and release toxins. The thermal properties of the stones bring about local and systemic changes in the body, influencing the energy centers and balancing both body and mind. The unique energies of the stones balance the body’s internal energy flow (chi). The hot stones are great for the body, but the effect of the therapy is beyond just the physical body: it helps integrate the energy, nurtures the spirit, and provides a variety of other useful benefits.

About a Session

A session begins with foot washing followed by dry brush exfoliation. This process centers the energy and stimulates the system to accept the hot stones. On a typical massage table, essential oils are rubbed all over the body and the maneuvering of the stones begins. The therapy involves arranging hot stones (basalt river rocks, 120-140F) along the energy points on the body and rubbing other basalt rocks along the perimeter of the body. The rocks are like a moving heating pad. Through an 1-2 hour session, the stones relax the muscles, “draw out” muscle pain, and increase and move energy. The session ends with a salt scrub to rid the body of toxins followed by a nice, hot shower. The  photo display visually shows a typical session.

Following a session, most people experience stress relief and relaxation; pain relief; a greater degree of integration, harmony and balance; renewed vitality and the ability to take appropriate action in life.

It’s a blissful experience from start to finish. We all deserve a little bliss now and then,” says Fran Chock, hot stone practitioner.

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