Fran - besides feeling terrific at the time, my ChockRocks session by you definitely increased my energy and vitality for several days!  Your skill, care & attunement were most evident, so thanks!

Kathleen O'Leary, MSW

Fran is amazing.  Her knowledge and practice is superior to all other massage therapy sites that I have visited.  She is keenly aware of client needs and ensures comfort.  I wouldn't recommend anywhere else.

Jillian T, Music Therapist

If anyone is looking to find wonderful professional bodywork I just had a FABULOUS warm stone session. I have professional massages regularly and thought she was the best I've ever had anywhere (and I've tried just about every place in NW DC). Her name is Franny and she can be reached at (202)744-3180 or

Lauren, City Planner

Hot Stone Therapy with Fran is a real treat! I always feel energized and recharged after having a session, yet it’s a kind of peaceful, calm energy. Fran creates an individual combination of oils, designed just for what I need for each session. Once she starts putting the hot stones on my body, the stress and tension literally start to melt away. It’s a whole body, mind and soul experience. Try it once and you will be hooked! 

Marie Isabel Laurion, Financial Advisor

My name is Claudia Taskier and I have had varying forms of back pain for the last 25 years. I have also had varying forms of massage therapy, some which have been successful in relieving pain and others which, although they may have felt pleasant at the time, did nothing to relieve my pain. I in fact had one session with a masseuse that cause me to partially stop  breathing in an airport because she had crushed part of my lung in her attempts to provide a hearty massage.  Needless to say I was not having success.  I read a brief on-line blurb about Fran Chock and her stone massage and thought that I might try it because I am always open to new forms of back relief.  I was extremely pleased.  Fran didn't just place the hot stones on my body, which in fact, gave me long term relief, but also used the stones in deep tissue manipulation as well as using traditional hands on techniques.  I had a chronic annoyance in my lower right neck which had been bothering me for weeks and with the stones and the manipulation of those stones on the area, the annoyance and pain have been alleviated and it has been over two months since that session.  I will continue to go to Fran on a regular basis.

Claudia Taskier, Professional Organizer

I want to thank the person who posted about hot stone therapy with Fran Chock. What a treat! I highly recommend this wonderful experience to anyone who really wants to pamper themselves. She starts by washing your feet! Then she puts special oil on you. And then she moves hot stones over your body, while placing other ones in fabulous places to warm and nurture the soul. I was there for a long time, maybe two hours.  And when I got off the table, I was so renewed. So rejuvenated. Please give yourselves a treat. You can reach her by emailing Thanks whoever wrote that initial email on this group.

L. Handlers,

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